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Day Five training and consulting is based upon practical sales and marketing execution experience in software, product and services. Having worked in sales and marketing leadership roles across 5 corporations (Olivetti, NCR, HP, SAP and Oracle), we have doubled / tripled revenues, grown customer numbers, at the same time ensuring we achieved profitable growth whilst improving customer satisfaction.


Our approach is immersive and pragmatic, focusing on the use of recent case study materials which allow people to learn best practice from real life examples. 


Our aim is to ensure that sales organisations and sales people fulfil their potential and be the very best that they can be.


Authentic Pragmatic Immersive Fun

Short video introducing my new training business

Tom O’Connor – CEO Version 1

 "At the start of our cloud incubator journey we commissioned Day Five Consulting to advise on how we could optimise our partnership with Oracle, one of our strategic cloud partners. Will has over 30 years experience from working at SAP and Oracle Corporation and has also worked with a number of partners over this period. He appreciates what partners and technology vendors require and helped us align our business offer and frame our thinking"

The Day Five name  was chosen as my training was designed over 100 "Fridays" when I was not working as a Sales Director. My "day job"  as a Sales & Marketing Director was leading a team in the Omni channel and e-commerce market. This gave me a "live" commercial environment to develop the concepts based on todays market conditions.
In November 2018 I transitioned from a front line leadership role to being 100% in the training market bringing 30 + years of tier 1 experience to the market. I have invested over 250  days of time in creating a modern training product based on todays cloud market needs.  My aim is to create a set of sales and management training methods that are deeply rooted in the practical and can be used immediately in the field. 


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Day Five Consulting's business is based in Buckinghamshire, 35 minutes from central London, and 20 minutes from Heathrow