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Partner Manager Training

Partner Managers and Alliance professionals are the vital to the Tech sector as its an industry based on both symbiotic and tactical partnerships. The tech ecosystem can be complex with companies being judged by varying and opposing KPI's.   The partner manager requires a business development and diplomatic mindset as well as commercial awareness. They need to be able to network extensively within your firm and that of the partners and having credibility on both sides. Day Five Courses P501-P505 are all about helping you optimise how you work to achieve success.

P501 - Being your best 

Basic preparations - How you appear and how you come across as a Partner / Alliance Manager. How you research a client using social media and take care to understand their organisation and create valuable Partner Plans.  How do you create a great first impression and how you professionally prepare for a new partner meeting. How you assess and deal with diverse groups of people so your efforts count. How you continue to build a relationship and set the way forward. This module looks at some of best and worst examples of partner management and how some of the best firms operate. 

P502 - Stop playing the game of chance 

Basic qualification and political mapping. How far do you invest and in assessing  the size of the opportunity. How to make sure your activity as a partner manager is genuinely incremental and value adding. How to avoid the classic "Lets talk about the low hanging fruit" discussion and advocate real initiatives that add incremental value for both parties.  How to make sure you are aligned with the financial quarters of the partner so you are both pulling in the same direction. 

P503 - Punching your weight as a partner 

Lost business is often blamed on value proposition, TCO, the partner or superior competition. In over 30 years I have learned that Winning and Losing frequently comes down the "chemistry" between individual account managers and the effectiveness of the Partner or the vendor.  This module will teach you how to make sure your partners are engaged in the right way so you protect them and vice versa.  It will also help you decline to bid , or alter the process, if  the evaluation is not allowing you to compete effectively. This module focuses on the recipe for effective partnering ensuring each party understands the vital role they play. It also covers how you can assist the partner with preparing the end users business case with tools like the Shark Finesse business case builder. 

P504 - Presenting to the point

In high value IT solution evaluations the customers senior management are often not engaged until later in the evaluation cycle. Vendor / Partner presentations are often the first time you get the opportunity to put your case across and in many cases the message gets missed and the audience switches off. This module is all about effective preparation and effective message delivery when time is constrained. It also covers best practise when presenting with partners so common mistakes are avoided. How many times have you heard  ?  "Its clear they didn't know each other before the meeting"

P505 - "So you want something from me" 

Most Partners and Vendors have been trained to negotiate and there are mulitiple techniques that cover this complex process. This module is all about preparing a win win negotiation so that business is concluded within a timetable that matches both parties expectations. It also covers MDF development and how to get it, spend it, and deliver on it and what's of real value to each party. It also looks at how a Partners business can be developed after the first sale has been made.



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