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Ricardo Herreros-Symonds - VP Sales Speechmatics

"I’m a firm believer that if you want to “always be closing” in the modern day then the key foundation is to “always be learning”.  As such we engaged Day Five to help train the Speechmatics sales team in both traditional and new age best behaviours for selling. While our group covered multiple roles with very varying levels of experience, everybody was able to take away a huge amount away from the week and I’ve noticed some changes in practices already!" 

Silvia Gomez - Senior Partner, VP Sales Europe - Retail Consult

"Retail Consult Sales team went through an amazing 5-day training journey with Day Five Consulting. Due to their long and vast experience, Chris James and Will O’Brien bring a collection of market knowledge, expertise, lessons learned, methods and tools blended with a very balanced session dynamics that kept the attention and motivation of all the people during the entire week. All the topics and contents were of great value and we are very confident about the positive impact it will have on people and the business. I strongly recommend Day Five Consulting to those who want to go one step further on sales team development".

Tamila Robinson - Partner & Head of Regional Practice (UK & Europe) at CMG

"I have enjoyed working with Will and Chris over the last month where our training window coincided with a number of critical customer engagements. It's been great to be able to continue to serve our customers and learn some valuable new commercial skills. It was an enjoyable training experience and I feel focused and energised at the growth opportunity CMG has in the months ahead".

Gabor Tozer - CEO - Quickborn Consulting

"As former Oracle Retail technology VPs, Chris and Will have a deep knowledge of the Oracle Retail ecosystem. As such they were uniquely placed to help our consulting and customer facing staff develop their ability to grow in the markets that we serve. Our whole team enjoyed collaborating with Day Five who challenged our thinking and gave us several new ideas on how to grow our business".

Thilo Freund – General Manager - Aptos EMEA

"The Day Five team demonstrated a clear understanding of our business challenges and aspirations for 2022. The content was tailored and delivered with energy, enthusiasm, and the right pace for remote learning. Both Will and Chris have worked in our industry for many years and were uniquely placed to coach us on our training journey. The training was brought to life with real life scenarios and kept our teams engaged throughout".

Gary Stevenson – Global Head of Solution Sales at Adaptavist

"We began a journey with Day Five Consulting earlier this year to help transform our Sales and Client Services team in Europe, Canada, and North America. We wanted a training firm with real life experience delivered by trainers who had practical experience of selling in the B2B tech sector. Will and Chris captured the attention of our teams from day one delivering courses tailored to our needs as the largest Atlassian services partner. The guys have trained over 40+ members of staff over the last 3 weeks and we are already seeing results. Our first courses were delivered face to face in London and Toronto back in January. The guys did an amazing job pivoting due to Covid and have just had great results over three weeks delivering further courses virtually - great job. We are already seeing tangible results across the teams.”

Devon Wellbrock – SVP Americas - MRP Prelytix

“The team at Day Five had their work cut out with MRP, to virtually engage a global organization at all levels in their sales career and pack in a ton of content. I was impressed with the level of preparation they did, in a short time, to get to know our business and prepare interactive and relevant sessions for our reps. Within minutes of breaking the ice, our team was fully engaged in the training and sending me private messages on how beneficial it was. Since the sessions, I’ve seen a positive change in how our team is preparing for important sales meetings, evaluating the influence their prospects have, leveraging executive leadership to support them on strategic deals and overall having a stronger confidence in how they qualify and beat the competition. I look forward to a continued partnership as we focus on solution selling in the Enterprise space.” 

Tom O’Connor – CEO Version 1

"At the start of our cloud incubator journey we commissioned Day Five Consulting to advise on how we could optimise our partnership with Oracle, one of our strategic cloud partners. Will has over 30 years experience from working at SAP and Oracle Corporation and has also worked with a number of partners over this period. He appreciates what partners and technology vendors require and helped us align our business offer and frame our thinking"

Steve Wyper - CEO Cintra Europe

"We asked Day Five Consulting to help develop our installed base account management team. Within a few short days our team grew in confidence and were fully engaged in the training which was enjoyable and relevant for our business.  Will has a huge amount of knowledge around business applications and technology and was able to quickly transfer his business skills to our team. The training covered qualification, strategy planning, presentation, and negotiation skills in a series of "real life" case study scenarios"

David Callaghan – Senior Vice president Oracle UKI,

“I have worked with Will over many years – he is the consummate sales professional and leader. With an extensive knowledge and experience of sales best practice he brings a wealth of pragmatic coaching and insight to the teams with which he works. As a sales leader, a compelling combination of empathy and inspiration make him stand out from his peers. I always relish the opportunity of working with Will”

Harp Athwal – Global Head of Client Services at Adaptavist


“Will, we can’t thank you enough for your immense energy, knowledge, and humour. It was an excellent experience for us at Adaptavist, both in North America and the UK”

David Wise – Director Channel Sales EMEA Magento Commerce

“I highly recommend Will. From first meeting him I immediately knew he was a man of action and could make things happen. He was instrumental to the success of Maginus in adopting and driving Magneto Commerce. Will’s leadership, guidance of his team and sales expertise meant that Maginus achieved net new sales of Magneto Commerce with significant brands including Joe Browns. His breadth of experience, no-nonsense approach and practical knowledge in professional software sales made a difference”

Steve Pearce – CEO of TICKX

“It was clear from the offset that Will is a proven leader with high levels of knowledge in sales, negotiation and leadership. Throughout the training we covered best practises in how to handle multiple sales cycle and negotiation scenarios. The session was high impact, collaborative and resulted in a number of ideas to improve process and maximise results. The team and I came away fired up ready to take the lessons learnt to the market”

Simon Weeks – CEO of Maginus Software Solutions

“Over the last 3 years our business has grown by 30% and we continue to develop our leadership position as an Enterprise e-commerce market leader. Over this period we have used Day Five Consulting sales training methods to help develop our team and enhance our customer engagement model. Will has a deep insight into the tech industry and backs up his training approach with numerous examples of best practise. His personable approach and experience has been invaluable in developing our sales capabilities and taking it the next level”

Maggie Novakova – Solution Sales Manager Adaptavist New York

“The weeks training was fantastic. I loved how the theory and methods were blended with real life experiences, business acumen, technology industry insight, and a deep understanding of how technology firms work. Some very memorable moments including the power of a diplomacy, how to speak like the CEO, and how to think “Big” by leveraging financial information and KPI’s to further business insight”

Philip Hall – Vice President Sales EMEA – Vision Critical

“Will understood our business and training requirements immediately. This was to help our EMEA sales team position the Vision Critical Consumer insight SaaS solution. His European experience, Industry knowledge, and best of breed SaaS domain knowledge gave him great credibility with our team. The Day Five Consulting training was an enjoyable memorable experience based on real life commercial experience" 

Rachel Board – Company Secretary Maginus Software Solutions

“After 3 years with Maginus Will decided to take the leap of faith and make his training business a full time occupation. Will has overseen the overhaul of our sales function recruiting and training some fantastic new talent to drive our new strategy to be a market leader in enterprise e-commerce. During the last 3 years we hit record revenues and recovered profitability adding some iconic new brands the portfolio”

James Armstrong – Business Development Manager Incremental Group

“Will is a superb trainer in both delivery and content. His experience in the enterprise sales arena is laced throughout his workshops and provides real world scenarios to help people to manage and sell more. Will is personable and relevant within the sales development and sales management space”

Rodrigo Molinare – Business Operations at Adaptavist

"Grateful for Will O’Brien and Chris James for delivering a valuable course and for sharing their experience, expertise, wisdom, and passion in last weeks Day Five Consulting Sales training"

Russell King – Strategic Sales Director Adaptavist UK

"Thanks for an excellent course Will. I can honestly say this was the best course I have ever been on in 30 years of selling"

Brad Lepore – Vice President Solution Sales at Adaptavist

“Having excelled in sales for over 30 years, its been great to spend a week with a trainer that who has the same deep experience. Despite our similarities, I found great value in this training. The Day Five training content was modified to suit out business as the premium partner in the Atlassian Agile ecosystem. This made the material relevant, memorable, and authentic”

Teresa Slater – Senior Service Delivery Account Manager Adaptavist

Thank you so much for the amazing training. I found it so valuable”


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